Care Instructions

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Like you, we care about the environment and are doing our best to make more responsible clothing that helps you have more fun doing what you love outside, while lasting longer in your wardrobe. Here are our tride & true methods to care for the clothing we design & sell that may also prolong the life of other items you own!

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for all activewear (aka: OG Shorts) - anything that doesn't contain natural fibers like wool, or down

Step 1: separate your laundry and wash your synthetic layers separately from your other clothes.

Step 2: Add gentle, or mild detergent to your washing machine and select cold water (we recommend using Grangers Active Wash to keep your colors from fading and to avoid pilling).

Step 3: Hang to dry.

Down Pants, Jackets & Sleeping Bags

for all articles of clothing that contain down feathers, even if they also contain synthetic materials such as nylon, or fleece (aka: perfect for washing your Blue River Down Joggers)

We recommend only using a specific Down Wash such as Grangers Down Wash, or Grangers Down Wash Kit which comes with dryer balls (Grangers is Bluesign Certified & is safe to use on down that has been treated with DWR for water repellency)

Step 1: separate out your down items to wash separately from other items

Step 2: add down wash to your washer and wash on cold

Step 3: dry on medium until no clumps remain (for some this is multiple dry cycles, or about 40 minutes on medium, but please test this with your dryer and check periodically so you don't start a fire, or something crazy like that)

If you have clumps, keep drying! Our Blue River Down Joggers are made to be put in the dryer and they will not shrink, or pill. We have seen pilling from people washing their pants with other materials, sleeping in linen sheets, or having aliens abduct them and bring them back. If you're still having issues, please read the next section about pilling!


We use materials that have been wear-tested for pilling. Unfortunately, there are some instances where pilling will occur and it's a natural part of owning clothing that you wear in tough environments, like we do! I

f you're experiencing any pilling on your Buttnski products containing fleece, try using a sweater stone to remove the pills and please be careful to avoid your seams.

We use The Original Sweater Stone - Made in the USA - and it works magic to quickly remove pilling on our OG Shorts & Blue River Down Joggers. Please note, anything that has been dyed, or printed on (sublimated), can wear differently because the fibers may have changed during the process. We don't recommend using the stone on our printed OG Shorts.