Our mission is to help people have more fun doing what they love outside, without sacrificing style for performance.

Women Owned & Operated. Summit County, Colorado.


We’ve joined the Prana Responsible Packaging Movement and are committing to eliminate single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from our packaging, as well as excess packaging waste in our supply chain.

To make a greater impact for the good of the planet, we can’t do this alone and believe as a collective we can better foster incredible change industry wide.

We’re asking you, fellow brands, and our worldwide community to join us in adopting goals to eliminate excess packaging waste in a responsible, long-lasting way, and #ReshapePackaging together.

Learn more about the Prana Responsible Packaging Movement here.

We are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to directly support issues we care about.

Learn more about 1% for the Planet here.

We are so excited to be working with DOWNLITE for our down fill. They are committed to using Responsibly Sourced Down and are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) Certified.

Learn more about DOWNLITE and their RDS Certification here.

Rules to live by

Connect More

We’re all about bringing mountain-loving folks together! Whether you’re pushing boundaries in the backcountry or getting the crew together for après at your local watering hole, these shared experiences are what it’s all about.

Be Better

We believe in continuous improvement in all aspects of our business—from people to products, supply chain to materials, and everything in between. We design durable, functional layers (that look good and actually fit!) so you can be your best in every moment of every adventure.

Do Good

The mountains are our happy place, whether it's where we live or where we feel at home. As stewards of these special places, we’re committed to leaving things better than we found them.


We believe that everyone should take life a little less seriously. That means getting outside, having fun with your favorite people, and feeling and looking amazing while doing it. We’re ready to stop living for the weekend and to just start living.

The Fleece Shorts That Started It All

You're looking at the very layer that inspired Buttnski to begin. Kelly's Mom got this pair of fleece shorts in the late 80's from Kelly's ski instructor at Steven's Pass in Washington State (the instructor who always gave out frozen gummy bears in the lift line...). They were home-sewn and designed to keep your butt warm while you ski, sit on cold chairlifts in the PNW rain (if you grew up in Washington, you know what we mean!), and provide an additional layer of warmth over your long underwear and under your ski pants.

We are bringing this back with more style, more functionality and better fit as our "OG" mid-layer ski shorts to honor the past and build a brand around humans who love spending time in the mountains, no matter what the weather is doing.

Co-Founders, Kelly & Christian

We started this thing in 2020 when we were dating during lockdown, while drinking cocktails... Now, we're married and bringing it to life. The premise of Buttnski was inspired by my (Kelly's) Mom who has had a retro mid-layer fleece short that she has skied in nearly every day since the 80's. We're bringing that back to life, improving the fit and performance, and building an entire company around it, focusing on performance layers for our mountain lifestyle.

Meet Drake

Drake is our retired sled dog from Breckenridge, Colorado and you may notice him from his mug shots on IG! He came into our life early Fall 2022 when he was about nine and a half years old. He's become such a special part of our family and makes everything we do way more fun. If you have the chance to meet him in person, he's super gentle, sweet and will welcome all of the cuddles.